Writing Conferences

Sunday, July 8, 2012
Two weeks ago, I went to a week long writing conference. It was a Lucy Calkin's conference and I learned so much. One of the main things that I realized, was that when I have to confer with my students, I do not have a starting point. Now... I DO!!! I really wanted to be able to document what my students have done for every conference and I focused on the 4 subjects that our school focuses on. Focus, Organization, Support, and Convention.
This can be used for many other grades but it is geared for 4th grade. You can get this document for $1.00 at my {TeachersNotebook} store. If you need me to change anything (the grade) or anything else, or even add to one of the boxes, then please email me and I can have it to you with your changed documents.
Happy shopping and Happy Pinning.

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