Sunday, June 17, 2012 No comments
I am already one week into the summer, and I am eager to get back into my classroom! Today, I created a document that has the different types of evaluative questions. I took a quick picture {see below} of the stars printed on card stock paper.

I then laminated them and put them on a popsicle stick. The popsicle stick has glitter on it. I will post a picture of the final outcome very soon. If you would like to have this document {free} then click on the free button and take your creativity to another level. 
Happy shopping and Happy Pinning.

I decided to come {back} to this post and put the finished project up. They came out so great! I am so proud of them. I ended up doing them color sorted from lower level questioning to higher order questioning. I followed the "ROY G BIV" order. I just did not use the I. I will add a picture of one star from each color. If you want the document then choose the {free} button above to get the document. 

School is out!!

Monday, June 11, 2012 No comments
Where has the time gone? I cannot believe it has been so long since I have been here. I am excited because this summer has many things in store for me! I got a puppy last night. She has been keeping me on my toes for the last 24 hours.

Since it is summer, I am so excited to put activities and things together FINALLY for next year. I will be teaching 4th grade again and I cannot wait. Today is all about word work activities. I created an amazing template that has great pages for Word Work. Below is an image of what the Word Work template looks like. There is 42 different activities and about 8 pages of blank documents for you to create your own word work activities. If you would like to purchase this, you can go to my TeachersNotebook store or click on the Link for my teachers notebook. Happy shopping and happy pinning.