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I have this tendency when I am in a BINGO hall to literally scream BINGO. Whenever I win, I SCREAM because I am sooooo excited. My mom takes me to her ABWA events and if I win during her raffles, I also scream. With that being said...I am giving your students a chance to scream BINGO in my new BINGO Place Value game.  I am placing this on my TpT board. It is currently on sale for $2.00! Go get it while it's on sale! 

Stay tuned for more Bingo Boards and CandyLand games coming at you!

Happy shopping & happy pinning!

Beginning of CandyLand

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 Goodness...Gracious. I believe I mentioned in my last blog that my theme for next year is CandyLand. If I didn't...guess what!!!

With you keeping that in your head, I am going to show you my newest masterpiece. Last year when I got my first classroom, I knew that I was going to have to label my books by level. I actually decided to join for a place to store my books. Over the year, while I was growing my library, I put ALL of the books on this website. It is great! I kept all of my books on this website {over 500}. As i was wrapping up my year, I discovered during the clean up process, that about 15 books are missing. I was so bummed because I spent my hard earned money on that. Thank you for letting me vent {hehe}. I pressed the export button to excel and exported it to my computer. I then downloaded a label template from and I bought the CLEAR labels. I had to move over the author and the title to the template. I won't was exhausting.  It's so repetitive so I was practically falling asleep! I then took the stickers off and placed them on the library cards. I am sure you can get them from Amazon, I, however, went to Ace Educational to buy them. 
I then created little tags as seen below. This was used so when I put them in a card catalog bin, I could sort it out through all of the letters.

 I made this box {of course with some type of candy}. I actually used a Kleenex box. Last month I had a major sinus infection which left me with many different empty boxes of Kleenex. My poor fiancĂ© kept saying through the boxes away! I of course refused, because i knew I would be able to do something with the empty boxes. of course I MADE SOMETHING!!!! I made the box, which is below here. I then inputted the cards {as seen below} and then I put in their tags. I am quite proud of the beginning stages of the library system.

The two following pictures are the same. i just think it is really funny that Penelope stuck her face into the picture. I made this so when the students are checking out a reading book, they will be able to put the library cards {that I just made} and they can put the cards in the little pocket. For being Day 3 of summer vacation, I have already done SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!

This is just a fun thing I made. My fiancĂ© and I have a lot of jokes. One of the biggest ones is who I become when I am hungry...or angry. We both say that i become a baby hulk {i'm very short-hence the baby}. Now, whenever I see a hulk mask, I HAVE to put it on and say "RONNIE SMASH!!!" 
 I made this little guy using a candle cover from an old candle from Bath & Body Works. I downloaded these cute guys from etsy and printed them out & laminated. I then placed it on the candle cover and glued ribbon to the back After I go to Home Depot, I will buy a clip that can hold this on this dishwasher. Once it is done, Wesley will be able to put his own dishes away because he can see if the dishes are clean or dirty. Sometimes I am so's scary.

 I hope you had fun with this great invention! Happy Shopping & Happy Pinning!

Summer Break

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It is my first day of summer break {woohoo}!!! Holy Kleenex, Batman! It has been a fun weekend. This weekend started some really fun adventures with Jessica. We started off making many different things. The first thing we made was for the Bridal Shower. It is a "box" and I say that loosely because it is made to be like a box, however, it surely does not look like a box.
The above picture is the dress. I made this using my brand new Cricut! I still have my basic cricut but I wanted a BIGGER one! {I'm not spoiled...well-maybe a little!} I made this using the "Tags, Bags, Boxes & more". I made it as big as I could. Then I took the Spellbinder and used swirls to emboss it. I folded it per the directions and placed the following picture in the "box."
The following picture is my new pair of shoes to wear for Jessica's wedding. Sigh....aren't they gorgeous?

The explanation behind this picture is... we had rain for 12 days straight. I wanted something that would protect me from the rain.

 The following is the beginning of something beautiful. I used the hydrangea punch form Martha Stewart. I used the pins from the wedding section in Michaels which happen to be Jessica's colors. We made this using styrofoam balls. When it comes to Holiday time, I will place these in my classroom for a "wintery" effect.

 My theme for next year is CANDYLAND!!!! Let me tell you how EXCITED I AM!!! I LOVE CANDY. I am always eating candy because it is so good. I decided that this year will be all about CandyLand! I included some different pictures of what I will be using in my classroom. 


Stay tuned for much much more information about this theme!