100th Day

Saturday, February 28, 2015 No comments
What a relief to be over the 100th day!

It was super fun- but I went home and PASSED OUT!!! It exhausted me like crazy. I wanted to share with you some of the really cute things that we did as a class.

 In this picture, we made these really cute 100 count hats. We put a sentence strip around their head and then we used 10 pieces of construction paper. We then did 10 different designs on the hat itself. 

 Here are the things that we put on the ten strips:
10 animal stickers
10 math facts
10 sight words
10 thumb prints
10 books we read
10 hearts of love
10 things we learned this year
10 I'm a star sticker
10 of their first name
10 of any of their own design

We then created a 100 snack bag. It was really fun and good. We had a ton of food (and leftovers) that we ate some the following week. We made a little bag and then we watched a hundred day video while eating our yummy snack.
Here is what was in our snack bags:
-chocolate chunks
white cheddar popcorn
-fruit loops
-Teddy Grahams
-Vanilla Wafers

Of course....there was ten of each snack in each grab bag.

Things I forgot to photograph that we did as well:
We made a big banner that had 100 compliments,
100 math facts,
and 100 words that we know.

By the end of it...

We were like this. We were exhausted and we all relaxed. 

I hope your 100th day goes super smooth and you enjoy it. Leave some comments on what you did during your 100th day of school.

Dr. Seuss Week

Thursday, February 26, 2015 No comments
It's almost Dr. Seuss Day!
I am super excited, especially being in primary. I am able to have so much fun with my little babies. Each day next week, we will be participating in some events daily. One of the events that I created today and I wanted to share IMMEDIATELY was this adorable goal setting balloon. As you know, Oh, the places you'll go! is about going off to great places even if you are scared. I created a balloon file that you can use to set goals with your kids. 

One of my besties colored her balloon, and already set her goals!

I love how they came out and you can get them for yourself on Teachers Pay Teachers. The first person to respond to this, will get this document for free!!!!

Click the link Dr. Seuss- Oh, the places you'll go! to purchase this fun document!