Relax Chair

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 No comments
YAY! So today I started in my new 4th grade classroom. I discovered that one of my kids has issues with not getting his way. He started to stomp his feet and act like he was in Kindergarten all over again. So I gave him a 3 minute relaxer. It got him out of his environment and into a chair that took him away from the "drama" around him. His 3 minutes were up and he was calming down and ready to get back to math. It was my very proud moment of the day. 

Lexile Levels

Monday, February 27, 2012 No comments

I love locating the Lexile Levels of my munchkins. I love that they may start at a 550 in the fall but in the end they end up at 880. That progress is all because of YOU as a teacher. You made that impact and you made a difference. Last week I made Lexile Library Tags and posted them onto Teachers Notebook. They are absolutely free and you can download them and put them in your library. I laminated them (because I laminate everything) and placed them nicely on the containers. I will have photos up very soon. If you would like extra designs for the Lexile Levels Tags then please email me! 

I Love You Because...

Oh How Wonderful!
So I know this is not really a teacher post but I am so excited to show you what I made. This sparked so much creativity inside of me that I wanted to post the original so you can see all the different signs that I created.

This first one is for the love of my life. This is what started my creativity. We constantly try to make sure that each other knows why we love each other. When I leave for work in the early mornings or he leaves for work we write a little post-it note to each other. So after going through Pinterest I found out that you can use expo markers to write on a picture frame. Lo & Behold I created an "I Love You Because..."
I used a 10x10 frame that I bought from Michaels. It cost only $5.99. Then I bought a fabulous background (green one) for only $.99. I then created a small template on my computer and printed it and then Voila! 
Now I can write a message using Expo Markers on the glass and leave him sweet messages.

After I saw how AMAZING this looked, I created one for my desk and I can remember anything that I need for my classroom.

I am so proud of my new frames! 

Anchor Charts

Saturday, February 11, 2012 2 comments

I LOVE Anchor Charts! I have no idea why I don't make more. My kids learn more when there is an anchor chart because they can see it on the wall. During the FCAT time, we have to remove all signs from the walls. The kids are able to remember what was in that spot and think of the things that they learned. I have many anchor charts that I will publish on here so keep a look out!
Water Cycle Anchor Chart

Less Than VS Greater Than

I realized some of my fifth grade students were having difficulty understanding greater and less than. I created this awesome alligator for them. After all, we are in South Florida which is Gator Country because of the Everglades. My kids adapted to this idea and if I made the symbol instead of using the alligators then one would raise their hand and ask to do it for me. I even went so far as to name them. The boys name is Albert and the girl's name is Alberta. I took it from the Florida Gators
I realized that I should have put magnets on the back but I used it so much on the document camera and the board that I just wanted to one for both. I ended up laminating both so it would not be ruined.